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2017-06-26 19:30 (Monday) Ullevi, Göteborg

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Sittplats bästa (Läktare. Entre Ullevi Lounge Gäst) - REA795 SEK
Sittplats bästa (Läktare) - REA495 SEK
Ståplats - REA495 SEK
No tickets in stock
Sittplats bra (Läktare) - REA395 SEK
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Restrictions: 13 year limit
Coldplay is perhaps the world's most successful bands. They build their own monuments to look beyond the world, they are not waiting for someone to do it for them. Since Coldplay's first recorded music, their monuments has grown and today it's hard to miss it wherever you are. In a fragile borderland of the grandiose and the intimate, Coldplay remained vital and that is why concert after concert is sold out.
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