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Sweden Rock Festival

2017-06-07 12:00 (Wednesday) Festivalområdet, Sölvesborg

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4-dagars Festivalpass (Onsdag-lördag)2995 SEK
3-dagars Festivalpass (Torsdag-lördag)2595 SEK
1-dags festivalpass (Fredag 9 juni)1495 SEK
1-dags festivalpass (Lördag 10 juni)1495 SEK
1-dags festivalpass (Torsdag 8 juni)1495 SEK
1-dags festivalpass (Onsdag 7 juni)1095 SEK
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1-dagsbiljetter släpps i slutet på januari.

Klara artister: Aerosmith, In Flames, Running Wild, Clutch, Gotthard, Venom, Rhapsody, Black Star Riders, Candlemass, Metal Church, Y & T
Sweden Rock Festival is an internationally known hard rock festival. Sweden Rock takes place in early June in society Norje (Sölvesborg), Blekinge. The festival lasts for three to four days and the area holds more than 30 000 visitors. Those who visit the Sweden Rock Festival is everything from children and teenagers to adults and seniors.
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