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How can sell tickets when organizers say that the event is sold out?

We buy, trade and sell tickets for events on a secondary market. This means that tickets are previously sold by the organizers representative. Organizers provide no return on event tickets so buyers who can not use their tickets have to sell them to us.

Why is it a different name than the customer's printed on the tickets? buy and sell tickets on a secondary market. The name printed on the ticket/tickets is the person or company that bought the tickets in the first place by the organizer's representative. Organizers provide no return on event tickets, so buyers who can not use their tickets have sold them to us. All tickets are impersonal in Sweden, so the printed name is irrelevant.

Why is there a higher/lower price on tickets than the price that the customer has paid?

The price printed on the tickets are so called Face Value, which is the organizer price at first sale. buy, trade and sell tickets for events on a secondary market and the price of the service we perform is governed by supply and market demand. The price also depends on the time and the cost of purchasing these tickets.

Why can not I see the exact seat number that I can buy? buy, trade and sell tickets, which are divided into different price categories dependent on the distance to the stage and sound quality. For more location information, please call customer service at

What is "singelplats"?

This means that the seats are not in a row, but are dispersed locations.

If the tickets are temporarily fully booked for an event, what can a customer do?

Click the expression of interest button at the desired event and then fill in the e-mail address and mobile phone number. When again have tickets on sale sent an sms and an email is sent to all the people who expressed their interest. First come first served.

Can the customer be assured that the tickets are authentic? always guarantees that all delivered orders are 100% genuine.

When and where tickets are delivered?

As soon as the payment har gone through the order is packed and then sent by mail or email, weekdays only. When there is a high demand for a certain event it may take a few days before the order is sent by post. ensures that the customer receives their order before the events start.

Can help to find tickets to other events that are not for sale on

Please contact via email or phone and we will try to help you.

What happens if an event is canceled as customers bought tickets to the

On the few occasions that events are canceled or postponed for the buyer himself is responsible to check this. At preset events, customers can only make redemption of tickets at the organizer or its agents, and then get back the price printed on the ticket. You can usually make repurchases of ATG and TicketMaster-agent depending on the type of ticket. At times when events change dates are already purchased tickets.

How customers can trust that your order is sent? is a registered company with a tax number. The company's goal is to continually develop their business. If the customer is unsure, a ticket invoice recommended. This means that the tickets sent together with the invoice in a registered letter and the customer then has 14 days to pay the invoice.

How do I pay the order?

There are various payment options for purchases at These options also depend some on how long it is left to the event. The payment options you usually can select are: Debit/Credit card, invoice and direct transfer for the largest banks in Sweden.

Is it legal to buy the tickets in the secondary hand market?

In some countries there are regulations regarding event tickets on the secondary market. In Sweden there are no legal obstacles to buy, trade or sell tickets in the secondary. is a registered company with a tax number.

Is it possible to cancel their ticket and return tickets to

Return policy does not apply to tickets under the Distance Contracts. Once the client has approved the purchase conditions and perform his order ticket purchase can thus not be undone.