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Picture of Summerburst


Summerburst is a electronic festival, known as Sweden's largest event for the electronics genre. The festival is citybased and draws crowds and artists on an international level.


Some of our events are second-hand sales so the price may be higher than the one on the ticket.
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Mikkey Dee Mikkey Dee VV VV Madonna Madonna Jordan B Peterson Jordan B Peterson Kevin Bridges Kevin Bridges Lars Winnerbäck Lars Winnerbäck Tomas Andersson Wij Tomas Andersson Wij Tomten Och Bocken Tomten Och Bocken Idol Fredagsfinal Idol Fredagsfinal Djungelboken - The Musical Djungelboken - The Music… All In BeerFest Gothenburg 2023, Fredag 10 nov & Lördag 11 nov All In BeerFest Got… Fredag… Winnie’s Mikrobryggerimässa 11.30-14.30, 25 November Winnie’s Mikrobrygg… 25 Nov… Winnie’s Mikrobryggerimässa 15:00-18:00, 25 November Winnie’s Mikrobrygg… 25 Nov…